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Obviously one of the first things you will be doing when you arrive in Australia, if not before hand, is seeking a position that suits your skills and experience provided your visa allows you to do so.

As part of your migration process, you may be required to ensure that all of your professional qualifications and certificates are assessed by the relevant professional organisation. If you or your partner are not required to have your professional qualification and certificates assessed as part of the visa application process, it is still a good idea to do so if they wish to work within their profession in Australia.

Some occupations have special requirements. This could include registration or licensing with a government authority and/or membership of a professional or industry association. Where to Find Employment

Job Vacancies in Newspapers
Most major newspapers have employment sections and you can also access the newspapers on line:

   National Papers    The Australian
   Western Australia    Western Australia
   NSW    Sydney Morning Herald
   South Australia    Adelaide Advertiser
   Victoria    Melbourne Age
   ACT    The Canberra Times
   Queensland    The Courier Mail
   NT    The Northern Territory News
   Tasmania    The Advocate

Private Recruitment Companies
Many positions in Australia are advertised through Private Employment or Recruitment Companies. These positions will usually be advertised in the national and local newspapers, as well as on Internet Job Sites.

Internet job sites
There are numerous internet sites that offer search engines to assist you in finding a position in your chosen state and city. The major sites include: Direct contact
Research Professional and Industry specific journals for companies in Australia that appeal to you and contact them directly, either by sending your resume into the Human Resources department or registering your details on their website. However, it is also worthwhile in conducting some research into which Recruitment Companies specialise in your area and registering with them. They will then assist you in finding a suitable employer.

How to Apply for a Position
Most job advertisements will have details on how to apply for the position and the contact person. Your application should include:
  • a cover letter stating the position you wish to apply for and why you should be considered for the position based on your skills, experience and qualifications
  • a resume showing your personal details (name, address, phone numbers, email address etc), skills, previous jobs and experience, education and qualifications
  • copies of references from previous employers, or details on how to contact them on your resume
  • copies of educational and trade certificates relevant to the job
  • Seek.com.au has some very helpful tips on how to put together a resume and how to do well in an interview.
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