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Darwin set to have a Designated Area Migration Agreement within weeks

Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Australia's first Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) is about to be put in to place in Darwin, opening the door for employers outside of the mining and resources sector to employ semi-skilled overseas workers for jobs such as cooking and truck driving.

The introduction of the DAMA, as discussed by ABC Rural, has of course raised the ire of unions however the Federal Government as reiterated the fairness and legitimacy of the project;

A pilot DAMA project is set to be launched in Darwin within weeks and negotiations are underway for a similar scheme in the Pilbara in north-west Western Australia.

It will allow employers outside of the resources sector to employ semi-skilled workers from overseas for jobs in areas like cooking or truck driving.

Unions claim it's a way for employers to not meet the strict criteria set out in 457 visas, which require employers to prove they can't source workers locally.

They also say it undermines the training and salary provisions built into the 457 system.

Assistant Immigration Minister Michaelia Cash denies that's the case and says the designated area migration agreement was initially launched under the previous Labor Government.

"It is fundamental to the DAMA being approved that all positions have undergone labour market testing.

"There are still language requirements, there are still salary requirements and there are still training requirements.

To read the full story or listen to audio on ABC Rural, click here.

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Western Australia introduces changes to Occupation List

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Western Australian (WA) government has announced changes to its Occupation List, introduced on 8 August, 2014. The occupations which have been added and removed are listed below;


  • Accountant (General) (ANZSCO 221111)*
  • Aeronautical Engineer (ANZSCO 233911)* 
  • Agricultural Engineer (ANZSCO 233912)* 
  • Agricultural Scientist (ANZSCO 234112)* 
  • Ambulance Officer (ANZSCO 411111)* 
  • Anaesthetic Technician (ANZSCO 311211)*
  • Audiologist (ANZSCO 252711)*
  • Baker (ANZSCO 351111)*
  • Barrister (ANZSCO 271111)*
  • Butcher or Smallgoods Maker (ANZSCO 351211)*
  • Chef (ANZSCO 351311)*
  • Chemical Engineer (ANZSCO 233111)*
  • Chemist (ANZSCO 234211)*
  • Chief Executive or Managing Director (ANZSCO 111111)*
  • Civil Engineer (ANZSCO 233211)*
  • Computer Network and Systems Engineer (ANZSCO 263111)*
  • Dentist (ANZSCO 252312)*
  • Driving Instructor (ANZSCO 451211)*
  • Electrical Engineer (ANZSCO 233311)*
  • Electrical Engineering Draftsperson (ANZSCO 312311)*
  • Electrical Engineering Technician (ANZSCO 312312)*
  • Electronic Engineering Draftsperson (ANZSCO 312411)*
  • Electronic Engineering Technician (ANZSCO 312412)*
  • Electronics Engineer (ANZSCO 233411)*
  • Financial Investment Advisor (ANZSCO 222311)
  • Financial Investment Manager (ANZSCO 222312)*
  • Fire Fighter (ANZSCO 441212)
  • Gas or Petroleum Operator (ANZSCO 299212)*
  • Geotechnical Engineer (ANZSCO 233212)*
  • Hospital Pharmacist (ANZSCO 251511)*
  • Industrial Engineer (ANZSCO 233511)*
  • Industrial Pharmacist (ANZSCO 251512)*
  • Insurance Broker (ANZSCO 222113)*
  • Master Fisher (ANZSCO 231211)*
  • Materials Engineer (ANZSCO 233112)*
  • Mechanical Engineer (ANZSCO 233512)*
  • Medical Diagnostic Radiographer (ANZSCO 251211)*
  • Medical Laboratory Scientist (ANZSCO 234611)*
  • Medical Practitioners nec (ANZSCO 253999)
  • Middle School Teacher (ANZSCO 241311)*
  • Mining Engineer (excluding petroleum) (ANZSCO 233611)*
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist (ANZSCO 251213)*
  • Nurse Educator (ANZSCO 254211)*
  • Nurse Manager (ANZSCO 254311)*
  • Nursing Clinical Director (ANZSCO 134212)*
  • Occupational Health and Safety Advisor (ANZSCO 251312)*
  • Operating Theatre Technician (ANZSCO 311214)*
  • Optometrist (ANZSCO 251411)
  • Orthoptist (ANZSCO 251411)*
  • Otorhinolaryngologist (ANZSCO 253515)*
  • Pastrycook (ANZSCO 351112)*
  • Petroleum Engineer (ANZSCO 233612)*
  • Podiatrist (ANZSCO 252611)*
  • Power Generation Plant Operator (ANZSCO 399213)*
  • Pressure Welder (ANZSCO 322312)*
  • Production Manager (Mining) (ANZSCO 133513)*
  • Production or Plant Engineer (ANZSCO 233513)*
  • Program or Project Administrator (ANZSCO 511112)*
  • Psychologists not elsewhere classified (ANZSCO 272399)*
  • Radiation Oncologist (ANZSCO 253918)
  • Recruitment Consultant (ANZSCO 223112)*
  • Registered Nurse (medical ) (ANZSCO 254418)*
  • Registered Nurse (paediatrics) (ANZSCO 254425)
  • Renal Medicine Specialist (ANZSCO 253322)
  • Sheep Farmer (ANZSCO 121322)*
  • Ship's Engineer (ANZSCO 231212)*
  • Ship's Master (ANZSCO 231213)*
  • Ship's Officer (ANZSCO 231214)*
  • Social Worker (ANZSCO 272511)*
  • Solicitor (ANZSCO 271311)*
  • Structural Engineer (ANZSCO 233214)*
  • Teacher of the Hearing Impaired (ANZSCO 241512)*
  • Teacher of the Sight Impaired (ANZSCO 241513)*
  • Telecommunications Cable Jointer (ANZSCO 342412)*
  • Telecommunications Engineer (ANZSCO 263311)*
  • Telecommunications Linesworker (ANZSCO 342413)*
  • Telecommunications Network Engineer (ANZSCO 263312)*
  • Translator (ANZSCO 272413)*
  • Transport Engineer (ANZSCO 233215)*
  • Urban and Regional Planner (ANZSCO 232611)*
  • Welder (first class) (ANZSCO 322313)*
* Limited places available.

  • Agricultural Consultant (ANZSCO 234111)
  • Arts Administrator or Manager (ANZSCO 139911)
  • Automotive Electrician (ANZSCO 321111)
  • Conservation Officer (ANZSCO 234311)
  • Construction Estimator (ANZSCO 312114)
  • Diesel Motor Mechanic (ANZSCO 321212)
  • Drug and Alcohol Counsellor (ANZSCO 272112)
  • Electrical Linesworker (ANZSCO 342211)
  • Electronic Equipment Trades Worker (ANZSCO 342313)
  • Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (general) (ANZSCO 342314)
  • Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (special class) (ANZSCO 342315)
  • Emergency Service Worker (ANZSCO 441211)
  • Engineering Professionals not elsewhere classified (ANZSCO 233999)
  • Environmental Consultant (ANZSCO 234312)
  • Fibrous Plasterer (ANZSCO 333211)
  • Fitness Centre Manager (ANZSCO 149112)
  • Fitter and Turner (ANZSCO 323212)
  • Fitter-Welder (ANZSCO 323213)
  • Food Technologist (ANZSCO 234212)
  • Fruit or Nut Grower (ANZSCO 121213)
  • Gallery or Museum Curator (ANZSCO 224212)
  • Gardener (general) (ANZSCO 362211)
  • Gasfitter (ANZSCO 334114)
  • ICT Managers not elsewhere classified (ANZSCO 135199)
  • ICT Project Manager (ANZSCO 135112)
  • Mechanical Engineering Draftsperson (ANZSCO 312511)
  • Metal Machinist (first class) (ANZSCO 323214)
  • Mixed Crop Farmer (ANZSCO 121216)
  • Painting Trades Worker (ANZSCO 332211)
  • Panelbeater (ANZSCO 324111)
  • Park Ranger (ANZSCO 234314)
  • Pig Farmer (ANZSCO 121318)
  • Plumber (general) (ANZSCO 334111)
  • Poultry Farmer (ANZSCO 121321)
  • Production Manager (forestry) (ANZSCO 133511)
  • Records Manager (ANZSCO 224214)
  • Rehabilitation Counsellor (ANZSCO 272114)
  • Sheetmetal Trades Worker (ANZSCO 322211)
  • Solid Plasterer (ANZSCO 333212)
  • Sports Centre Manager (ANZSCO 149113)
  • Technicians and Trades Workers not elsewhere classified (ANZSCO 399999)
  • Textile, Clothing and Footwear Mechanic (ANZSCO 323215)
  • Vegetable Grower (ANZSCO 121221)
  • Vehicle Body Builder (ANZSCO 324211)
  • Vehicle Painter (ANZSCO 324311)
  • Veterinary Nurse (ANZSCO 361311)
  • Wall and Floor Tiler (ANZSCO 333411)
  • Welfare Worker (ANZSCO 272613)
  • Wood Machinist (ANZSCO 394213)
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DIBP announces Labour Agreement for aged care services provider

Tuesday, August 05, 2014
The Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Senator Michaelia Cash has announced that the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) have granted a labour agreement to Fronditha Care Nursing Facility in Victoria, the first for Australia's health and community services industry.

Speaking at an event at the facility, Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash said that with the labour agreement programme forming a small, but important part of Australia's overall skilled migration programme, it is exciting that facilities such as Fronditha Care have the ability to bring skilled, bilingual workers to bolster their workforce.

'Fronditha is the only organisation providing a range of residential and support services to the Greek speaking elderly in Victoria, and on any given day the organisation is likely to provide care for more than 2000 elderly, employing more than 560 personnel,' Minister Cash said.

'This labour agreement will allow Fronditha Care to sponsor bilingual Greek-speaking overseas workers with qualifications in aged care to supplement its existing workforce. The government recognises that our population is ageing and there is an increasing need for aged care workers who speak the language of those they are caring for.'

A labour agreement is a formal arrangement developed between an Australian employer and the Australian Government, and places significant obligations on the employer, defining employer obligations such as the terms and conditions of employment for the skilled overseas workers and training requirements for Australian employees. It also defines the required skill and English language levels that overseas workers must meet under the agreement.

Minister Cash said the government is exploring options to support the wider health and community sector providers, noting Australia has an ageing population and a diminishing workforce.

'After visiting Fronditha Care and other aged care facilities, the need to have workers who can speak the same language as their clients is obvious – the labour agreement announced today will greatly benefit aged care residents and their families,' Minister Cash said.

Click here for full details of Senator Cash's announcement.

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